WOscTcpHandlerMethod Class Reference

#include <WOscTcpHandler.h>

Inherits WOscReceiverMethod.

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Public Member Functions

 WOscTcpHandlerMethod (WOscContainer *parent, WOscTcpHandler *receiverContext, const char *methodName, const char *methodDescription="")
virtual WOscTcpHandlerGetContext ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Method (const WOscMessage *message)

Detailed Description

WOscTcpClient specific method (note that stream oriented OSC communication has no return address. We have an open and known connection.


WOscStreamingClient.cpp, and WOscStreamingServer.cpp.

Definition at line 165 of file WOscTcpHandler.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual WOscTcpHandler* WOscTcpHandlerMethod::GetContext (  )  [inline, virtual]

Returns a pointer to the OSC receiver owning this method. Casts the internal context-pointer to OSC receiver.

The receiver context of the OSC method.

Reimplemented from WOscReceiverMethod.


Definition at line 173 of file WOscTcpHandler.h.

00173                                          {
00174         return static_cast<WOscTcpHandler*> (WOscReceiverMethod::GetContext());
00175     }

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