WOscQueueItem Class Reference

#include <WOscPriorityQueue.h>

Inherits WOscTimeTag.

Inherited by WOscQueueBundle.

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Public Member Functions

 WOscQueueItem (const WOscTimeTag &timeTag, WOscNetReturn *ra)
WOscNetReturnRemoveNetworkReturnAddress ()

Detailed Description

Items which can be scheduled in a priority queue. Priority-queue items are time-tags with a network return address. They get queued after their time-tag values in the priority queue.

Any class inherited from this base class can be queued in the priority-queue.
See also:
WOscPriorityQueue and WOscNetReturn

Definition at line 61 of file WOscPriorityQueue.h.

Member Function Documentation

WOscNetReturn* WOscQueueItem::RemoveNetworkReturnAddress (  )  [inline]

When removing the network return address from the queue item, the caller must decrement the reference counter himself.

Definition at line 84 of file WOscPriorityQueue.h.

Referenced by WOscReceiver::ManagePriorityQueue().

00085     {
00086         WOscNetReturn* tmp = m_ra;
00087         m_ra = NULL;
00088         return tmp;
00089     }

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