TheNetReturnAddress Class Reference

#include <WOscTcpHandler.h>

Inherits WOscNetReturn.

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Public Member Functions

 TheNetReturnAddress (const struct sockaddr_in &addr)
 TheNetReturnAddress (const TheNetReturnAddress &rhs)
TheNetReturnAddressoperator= (const TheNetReturnAddress &rhs)

Public Attributes

struct sockaddr_in m_addr

Detailed Description

The network return address. This object inherits the functionality required by WOscLib to keep it alive until all messages ob a bundle are processed (reference counting). The networking data structure which contains the actual ip/port information is saved as a new member.


WOscClient.cpp, WOscServer.cpp, WOscStreamingClient.cpp, and WOscStreamingServer.cpp.

Definition at line 27 of file WOscTcpHandler.h.

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