Todo List


Class WOscBlob

Change GetBufferLen to getDataLenZeroPadded

Class WOscContainer

More elaborate documentation of WOscContainer class.

Member WOscContainer::FindContainer (const char *address) const
Verify/test this function.

Member WOscContainer::GetMethodList () const
Does not handle aliased containers !!!!

Member WOscMessage::Add (WOscBlob *b)
: take ownership of blob or do reference counting instead of allocating multiple times.

Member WOscMessage::WOscMessage (const char *address)
Check complete OSC-address-syntax

Member WOscMessage::WOscMessage (const char *buffer, int bufferLen)

Since a message is defined, when its beginning is known creating it from a byte stream without knowing the length would be possible. Write an initializer.

Add intensive exception handling for corrupt init data

Member WOscPatternMatch::MatchBrackets (const char *pattern, const char *test)
Write more precise documentation.

Member WOscPatternMatch::MatchList (const char *pattern, const char *test)
Write more precise documentation.

Member WOscUtil::Constants
Change all types to int32_t and float and replace OSC_INT_SIZE with sizeof(int32_t) and OSC_FLOAT_SIZE with sizeof(float).
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